Monday, May 23

cleaning out the pantry

sunday was very dark and rainy around these parts. one of those afternoons that is best spent in doors, windows open, cool breeze traveling through the house and a nice pot of soup on the stove. so i intended to do just that. except i had zero ingredients for a comforting concoction [and wasn't about to go out in the rain to get it]. or so i thought. i literally emptied my refrigerator and pantry to come up with this satisfying stew. it started out as a version of minestrone and ended up as a fulfilling taco soup. i first made a mirepoix [thank you guy from the food network for that sophisticated term] of carrots, celery and onions. next i browned 97/3 lean ground beef. and then subsequently dumped in the contents of my cupboards. i added a dash or two of all the spices i own, one cup of marinara, one cup of bender's best salsa, one and a half cups of pasta, a half packet of taco seasoning, one package of frozen corn and two cups of water. i let it all marry and served it up with a couple pinches of shredded cheese. i can [humbly] report that it was the bombdotcom. especially considering it cost [virtually] nothing and will be hanging around for a couple more meals. i also got to enjoy the moral satisfaction of not wasting perfectly good food. overall, a true winner. i wouldn't suggest trying to replicate, as i am convinced the bender salsa is what did the trick, but i would encourage a cleaning-out-creation in your near future. bon appetit!

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