Tuesday, May 10


 photos found here and here. yes, people actually do live this fabulously.
...with blog envy. let me fill you in on a little secret. blogging is a selfish act. it's therapeutic. it's reflective. it's open. it's dangerously defining. i have come to love this friendly forum, however, feel a little raw knowing that other people actually do read these musings on occasion. because [my] life is not perfect [gasp]. and then i swoon over new fabulous finds for hours [namely here and here] and feel even less perfect. like my writing is inadequate and my stories painfully dull. but [thankfully] they remind me that their journey isn't all sunshine and rainbows [ahem houses that may as well be the summer issue of pottery barn, stay-at-home-moms stylish enough to land a major movie role and DIY projects pretty enough to be on HGTV] either. so, friends, this public service announcement is a plea of hope. may you find my dear diary debacles to be encouraging and energizing. not artificial and sanctimonious. thanks for coming along for the ride.
ps- i'm back tomorrow for a recap on an incredibly perfect weekend with my family. so all that stuff i just ranted about, forget it for a couple of days. the past seventy-two hours were seriously amazing. i am anxious to share!


  1. Ashley,

    I didn't know you had a blog, but I love it! I especially love the photos you took from the farmer's market and at then at your house. Seriously beautiful!

    Thanks for taking time to read my blog...I plan on stopping by your's more often, now that I know it's there!

    amy @ glass confetti

  2. Amy!
    As you can see, I love [looooove] your blog as well. It is a source a daily inspiration and some serious jealousy! Your life is so picturesque... Henry has to be the cutest kid on this planet... and everything seems to be lining up perfectly for you. Thanks for sharing your journey!

    And thanks for stopping by. May we bump into each other out in the blogosphere more often!