Friday, May 20

it's the end of the world we know it. this ridiculous rumor about the world ending tomorrow is both seriously hysterical and scary. i don't know what it more frightening, the fact that a world of people are preparing for the rapture or that i am not. just in case, i thought long and hard [for about fourteen seconds] about what i would want my last meal to be and promptly drove to chipotle. the perfect last supper from a mega chain. and because i am quick to find an excuse not to go to the gym, i am staying in. who wants to spend their last night on a treadmill? instead, it will be sex and the city reruns, creating a pinterest account, and catching up on this stack of magazines. so, friends, i will be back tomorrow with some fashion inspiration and the weekend report. but if not, it's been fun and i'll see you on the other side. hopefully. be safe out there!

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