Tuesday, May 17

for art's sake

 prints of memphis by david lynch. custom frame by hobby lobby.
 memphis greats [johnny cash, bb king, elvis] by simon pritchard. frame by target.
 print by ikea. i can hardly say by ikea when a billion of these are produced in a day. fool's gold if you ask me. i still love it.
 prints and frame by target. again by is deceiving.
you might remember my [financial] struggle with decor here. i have gradually been adding interest to my bland, rented walls with some cheap finds. 
ever since my mom spotted memphis artist, david lynch, i have been drooling over his work. i even called for an estimate on prints [prints, not originals mind you] and it was gonna be about seventy-five GW's for a 5x7. nope. not gonna happen. enter david lynch calendar. january rolled around and he [fatefully, i think] produced a calendar of twelve memphis scenes. i promptly purchased it and drove straight to hobby lobby to have them custom framed. obsessed for multiple reasons: a. it fills up the big, empty wall in my living room and b. it is a lasting [and unique] sentiment of this time in my life. for one hundred bucks. cool.
carrying on the memphis modern theme, i perused an art gallery/coffee shop on main street with some funky originals. in order to pay tribute to the [incredible] musicians that got their start here, i picked up some watercolors of memphis greats. twenty dollars each. i synced david and simon in harmony with these black frames from target, pulling my living room together nicely at the moment.
for the kitchen i went [mega] cheap and chain. it doesn't get more typical yuppie than ikea and target, but i happen to enjoy my finds. the first is a large shhhh print for a mere $10. even if i only have it in this little apartment for six months, it was worth the dinero. and i am sure you have all seen the redesign line from target these days. just a little color under my cabinets. 
that is it for now. small step in the scheme of square footage, but one big step for this new adult. i still have a divine 1950s pollyanna [my favorite movie of all time] movie poster that desperately needs framing. but, it was quoted at $250 and i just can't justify that right now. my humble abode is definitely not complete or up to my [pie in the sky] standards, but it works. and i am happy. however, don't be fooled, that dream bubble above my head is always exploding with a home to call my own and art galore. le sigh.

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