Sunday, June 26

guiding thoughts [feeling loved edition]

for each new morning with its light,
for rest and shelter of the night,
for health and food, for love and friends,
for everything thy goodness sends.
[ralph waldo emerson]
overwhelmed. with happiness. with gratitude. with thanksgiving. with humility. overwhelmed. there's nothing like fabulous family and friends to knock you right off the feeling-sorry-for-yourself pot and open your eyes to the true beauty of life. today i was flooded with packages and cards and love. for no apparent reason. just because. and it felt really, really good. what's better [as if it could get any better], is that the surprises  in my mailbox were so completely me. inspiring notes and cards filled with photos from home. a miniature globe that perfectly completes my collection [and is now my absolute favorite. thank you.] handmade goods that could not fit better into my little home and my grateful heart [how did you know? thank you.]. i have always known this, but i'll say it again. i have the best friends and family that anyone has ever been blessed with. i don't know why i deserve them [actually, i don't deserve them at all], but they're mine and i love them. thank you for being a part of my life. and for teaching me what it is to be kind and caring and beautiful and thoughtful and perfect. 
may we take this reminder of giving and spread gladness to those around us. and for no other reason but love.

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