Friday, June 3

reality check

photo found here. i wish.
is anyone else sick of hearing about food and seeing my amateur nikon coolpix photos? yeah, me too. apologies. let's take a break from my life. sort of.
so, as much as i would love to avoid this conversation, it has to happen. i have been putting it off long enough, turning my back on the obvious tension in the room. friends, it is swimsuit season. it's ugly and miserable and frightening. but. bring. it. on. i have a great [great being a relative term here] little black number from the gap that i swear by. only because it covers my arse and [miraculously] makes the girls look a bit more... friendly. but i wear it all-the-time and it still doesn't make me look like this. i [desperately] want to try something new and was considering the high waist trend, but just am not sure if it will work on my bod. btw, does anyone else get [seriously] annoyed by the fashion magazine attempt to finding the perfect suit for each body type? excuse me, i-do-not-fit-into-any-of-your-categories. and even if i did, i highly doubt i would look like that. i digress. so i guess i will follow the same song and dance as the past three summers: go into the dressing room fully expecting to purchase the one that will finally make me look like that. and coming out needing a strong drink, poolside, with trusty black beauty covering all the right parts.
summer [plus] swim [plus] sun [minus] suits = my kind of heaven. sigh.

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