Saturday, June 4

before and after

rule number two of my spending hiatus inspired me to rummage through some antique stores and thrift shops today. i've always had a soft spot for treasure hunting from the vivid memories of antiquing with my mom, sister and grandmothers. the musky smell of yesteryear, the itchy scratch of dust, the oh-my-gosh-that-is-perfect find. i found my fair share of treasures today, many of them needing a bit of a face lift. a quick [and cheap] trip to home depot later and here's the finished product. plus my grand vision for these gems someday.
 yes, these hooks are as creepy as they look in the photos. but, i couldn't stand passing up the unique details they possess [never mind that they actually might be possessed. those faces? weird.] i have been dreaming of making a jewelry cabinet like the one featured above and thought it would be more visually interesting to have decorative hooks for necklaces and bracelets to dangle off of. we shall see. at a dollar a pop, i am okay if they hang around [and don't haunt me] until the perfect opportunity arises.
these bowling figurines stopped me dead-in-my-tracks. i actually had to climb over random furniture and old rakes to get to them. totally worth it [and the $5 total i paid to make them mine]. i love them. they weren't horrible to begin with, but i just added a spray of white so that they are a bit more polished and can truly shine now. don't you love that the woman is wearing a skirt? i am dreaming of these puppies in white bookshelves with dramatic, dark insides like the ones featured above. brilliant.
repurpose. reuse. recycle.

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