Sunday, June 5

100th post: a tour

blogger has so kindly informed me that this very entry is my one hundredth post. for those of you that have stuck out one hundred completely random, entirely too contradicting, fairly lame dear diary moments, congratulations and i thank you. while my style has changed a bit [from shallow to deep to shallow, i am hoping to dig down into the serious side here again soon], these daily debacles are always a reflection of the song in my heart. sometimes [when i am very, very bored... usually avoiding the gym] i go back and read those one hundred musings. i mostly laugh and sometimes cry at the ridiculousness of this time in my life and the fact that i am sharing it with the world wide web.
i just recently figured out how to comment on aisforamor. at the beginning of this journey, i somehow blocked readers from sharing their thoughts. and i don't know how to unblock it so that you can comment like every-other-blog-in-the-blogosphere. help, anyone? but not all hope is lost. if you would kindly just click on the title of the post you want to respond to, it will take you to the commenting page. as i continue to figure out how to make comments viewable, i gladly accept feedback, thoughts and just-a-hello! i never really know who is actually reading this thing [besides the two people that have to, hi mom! hi tori!], so please drop in! thank you for taking an interest in this looney little life, for motivating me to love where i am planted, for inspiring me to live with a zest for simply being. here's to the next one hundred. 
and, as always, i leave you with happiness... with hope... with luck... with laughter... 


  1. hii! your blog is the highlight of my morning each day! love you so much. glad i can comment now :)

  2. YOU are the highlight of my morning each day! glad you can comment too. and glad you are coming HOME soon. love you!

  3. I'm 100 blogs in and love reading everyday! Miss you, is so great to see what you are up to :)



  4. thanks mel!
    uuuuum... got your note the other day. made my week. my year. but now i need to know where to send a reply. north carolina? lincoln street? text me!
    love you.