Monday, June 6

spending hiatus: week two

week two went very well [virtual pat on the back]. thankfully i don't have children, it's not christmas and i don't own a home, because if any of those were true i would not have been as successful. i did a lot of thrifting this week to get the shopping fix, but not spend the money. i did pick up a few things, but the total rang in at under ten dollars. overall, this week was a nice balance of serious saving and spending satisfaction.
culprits: in my gap, inc. sales associate days [circa 2008], the temptation was clothes. now it is stuff. stuff to decorate my home, stuff to use in the kitchen, stuff to put into storage just-in-case i need it someday. stuff is very, very dangerous.
lessons learned: i get a lot more satisfaction out of purchases that i have to put a little extra work into. the before and after projects were a nice way to fill my time and also have an end product that i am proud of.
eye on the prize: camera and computer are still on the list. however, in the next week or two, i must break down and purchase flights to nebraska and texas. while i am highly anticipating these trips, the mega bucks to get there is a little oh-my-goodness-i-think-i'm-gonna-vomit worthy. holy expensive.
two down, ten to go.

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