Thursday, June 9

bump on a log

wooo eeee, has it been lazy daisy around these parts. this was my thursday night: reading the new glamour by the pool. not on a treadmill. i don't know if it is the heat [climbing into record highs here] or summer blues [is there such a thing?] or just complete and utter exhaustion [for which i have no reason], but i cannot seem to get motivated. i suppose the forty minute sit by the pool was good for my brain, but it didn't do a darn thing for that black beauty i'll try to squeeze into on saturday. so, friends [now that we know how to comment on this little blog] would you please tell me how you are getting motivated to move this summer? train for a half marathon? join a [money sucking] gym? start the raw food diet? jump on the p90x/insanity bandwagon? help. please. i [and the unfortunate onlookers at my lovely apartment pool] beg you. now if you'll excuse me, while you're thinking of ways to get me off the couch, i need to go watch the real housewives of nyc and eat some hummus and pita chips. transformation starts tomorrow.


  1. Ash-
    You should consider a turn North to run the Gopher to Badger Half-Marathon with me on August 13th. We would start in the historic town of Stillwater, MN and finish across the river in Hudson, WI. Think about it...

    Also, I should maybe apologize for the heat wave. It could be the answer to thousands of prayers I sent up while shivering in Minnesota from October to April.

    Cheers to June!


  2. Mary Rose!
    That run sounds magical. Do you think I could train for a half by August 13th? I am going to research training programs... you have me seriously considering it!
    Hope all is well. Miss you and think of you often.
    xoxo a