Friday, June 17

seventeen thoughts

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1. happy seventeenth of june!
2. tgif
3. has this been the longest week in history? like whoa.
4. lots of blogger goodies out there to get me through the week. including inspiration from some antique glossies as is featured above.
5. i kinda sorta want to tear through those pages, looking for timeless fashion, beauty, dating, friendship advice.
6. doing it right in july 1953, no? i've always thought i should have lived in the 50s. the housewife look suits me well.
7. pace-setter? dreamer? realist? gamin? dreamer without-a-doubt.
8. belted red dress + gloves + oversized bag + charming hat = brilliant. still today.
9. wondering if teenagers pored over seventeen magazine in 1953 the way i did in 2001. do you think debbie was taking the who is your type? quiz until she got mostly A's so that her too-cool-jock-crush fit the description?
10. on the hunt for vintage magazine covers to frame. the color is captivating and the captions cool. hoping for a little more vogue/harper's bazaar and a little less seventeen/cosmo though.
11. speaking of vintage, i found some great t-shirts on etsy today. one had a full diagram of a cell. like nucleus, mitochondrion, golgi apparatus. hilarious and great at the same time. come to momma.
12. perhaps it is time for another rummage through memphis antique stores. consider it in the rainy day plans.
13. hoping to do a little bit of crafting or creating or cooking this weekend, but really...
14. ...wishing i was at home. the college world series is calling my name and i hate not being able to give my pops a squeeze and a smooch of appreciation. instead i will be...
15. weekend plans: farmer's market, pool, gym, pool, pool. record high temperatures again this weekend.
16. hoping your father's day is filled with bbq, baseball, boating and all those things that make your dad da bomb.
17. have a spontaneous, so-totally-fab, seventeen girl weekend!

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