Saturday, June 18

summer days

the day was filled with quintessential summer activities. the farmer's market was buzzing early this morning. i continue to be in awe of the support and excitement for this venue. the vendors produce quality products [ahem, the best little donut and peach i have ever eaten] and the atmosphere is joyfully alive. although it was looking grim there for a second, the sun managed to peek through the clouds and i spent the majority of the afternoon by the pool. tonight i will enjoy a fresh summer salad while watching the college world series on espn.
it's no drenching in sweat on metal bleachers at rosenblatt. it's not even close to an evening barbecue on the farm followed by smores by the fire. it's nothing compared to a day on the lake followed by a glass of wine on the patio with the record player singing a tune. it's not exactly where i want to be on this father's day weekend. but it's still summer. and it's still pretty darn good.

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