Monday, June 20

spending hiatus: week four

well, four weeks later, it got me. i went shopping. like, shopping shopping. it wasn't in my intentions [or twelve week plan], but it happened. and it only brought me that two-seconds-after-you-get-home-and-rip-through-the-bags pleasure. i know how it all went down. i was feeling bad about something else and so i replaced that with something new. retail therapy as-they-say. the only saving grace is that i can wear everything i purchased to work. and everything was on sale. but, that's no excuse.
culprits: filling an unsatisfied soul with a splurge. i was feeling bad and again [same as when i am feeling bored] should have filled my time with something more productive. 
lessons learned: take two minutes to think about the satisfaction the purchases will bring. follow the forty to seventy-two hour rule religiously. keep your goals at the front of your thoughts.
eye on the prize: a small set back this week, but i suppose that is to be expected. i am one third through the hiatus and making very teeny-tiny steps towards the end goal [i did add a few extra bucks to piggy this week to make up for the dirty deed]. 

isn't life full of strides and falls? pits and peaks? wealth and poverty? happiness and sorrow? it's funny how a few guilty additions to the wardrobe can bring things back to solid ground. mea culpa.

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