Tuesday, June 21


...to my neck of the woods. this weekend i finally had the opportunity to snap some photos of my little memphis neighborhood. i live in a development of downtown memphis called mud island [the island to the locals]. quite literally, it is a peninsula with the mississippi river on one side and the wolf river on the other two. about a five minute drive and fifteen minute bike ride from the guts and glory of downtown. i have come to [seriously] love this little piece of the world. it has a wonderful small town feel [brick streets, mom and pop grocery strore, friendly waves, happy hellos], resort like amenities [and real estate], and killer views. oh yeah, and justin timberlake lives down the street. nbd. the island has quickly become my home away from home and will always hold a very special place in my heart. if you ever touch down in the land of the delta blues [call me!] stop by this little hidden gem. you won't regret it.
oh and happy official start of sweet summertime!


  1. ahhh! it looks so beautiful!

    ps whats your pinterest account!?! i NEED to follow you because i'm sure your boards are beautiful!

  2. you need to come visit here! pleeeeaaaase!

    i am still working on pinterest. pin, pin, pinning! i will let you know when it is looking a little better!