Monday, June 13

spending hiatus: week three

 a little glimpse at my office space.
another decent week. sort of. i made it through seven days without a visit to pottery barn. and i escaped target by only spending twenty dollars [whaaaaat?]. but, i went out to eat three times and had a glass of wine. oh and those little things called 347 pictures. but i got the first fifty free and they were like one cent a photo. [read: total and complete irrational justification] i also purchased this cute little piggy [within the $20 target bill. whaaaa whaaaaat?]. then i realized the ten bucks i paid for it would take months to save in it, so i quickly stashed two five dolla bills in mr. piggy to justify. he will become my cashola drop.
culprits: this week it was food. i am usually pretty good about eating in. but, for some reason i was craving salad. and you just can't do a good salad at home. also, i spotted the first bing cherries of the season on saturday. so i bought two pounds. and they were expensive. but if you can't have cherries in june and fresh salads on hot days, then what's the point of living? really.
lessons learned: no real learning moments this week. i did crack open the automatic millionaire saturday night. always enlightening. and depressing.
eye on the prize: we know there are short term and long term goals. right now all i can see is the short term. a trip home on july first and a flight to texas in the beginning of august. that will surely get me through. 

may your fortunes be big and your pockets be deep this week. and if not, may we find wealth in the human spirit and a great harvest in mankind.

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