Thursday, July 14


PC vs. mac user
i am proud to announce the newest member of my one-[wo]man-band. welcome to the [my] world, Andy The Apple.  he came to me on a fateful saturday afternoon in july. his previous home [nfm, apple store] basically sought me out [no interest financing] to give him a place to lay his little aluminum head. i happily obliged. we have had a little curve of adjustment to one another, a lot of love-hate moments and some gentle please-make-me-understand-you-better conversations, but overall the transition home has been a good one. i have had some long, hard thoughts about whether i am better suited for him or my old trusty pc. while i do enjoy a good pencil skirt and pearls, it might be time to let my hair down and jump on the creative bandwagon. thank goodness for the genius that is microsoft office to feed my folders, categories, and organization need. but, we will learn together. ole andy and i. he said it best during our first conversation [pop up welcome screen], we were made for each other.

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  1. woo hoo!! congrats on andy...he is beautiful (must take after his mother)! love and miss!!