Friday, July 15

life is a highway

in my short little life, i have been lucky enough to enjoy a lot of family vacations. some of my most fond memories are waking up at four in the morning being dragged out of bed and thrown in the car while it is still dark outside. i guess this is a perk of having parents that are both teachers [have summers off]. it kind of makes me sad that my children might not have these summertime memories someday. sigh.
even though i have twenty-five years under my belt, i was still excited when my mom announced another family vacation. this week we are roadtripping across the southeast for a little whirlwind tour. first stop was nashville. we enjoyed some good ole country atmosphere, some twangy street music, and disgusting heat/humidity. between my brother wishing for a taylor swift sighting and the weirdness that is my family, a lot of laughs were had. next stop: the gorgeous mountains of western north carolina. yes, you can be jealous.

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