Monday, July 18

play me some mountain music

my aunt and uncle's home in the mountains.
 sliding rock and looking glass falls.
 asheville, north carolina. drum circle.
asheville, north carolina. around town.
whoa. what a weekend. the tour of the south has come to an end, but i am still far from recovery. it has been a busy and all-things-roadtrip couple of days, but some of the most wonderful i have had since being in memphis. 
we had the [incredible] opportunity to spend two days at my aunt and uncle's home in north carolina. every moment was spent taking in the awe of the natural surroundings. we enjoyed mountain views, clear waterfalls, cold mornings and cloud-topped peaks. we discovered the unique venues, eclectic people, beautiful architecture and bizarre street shows of asheville. we laughed a lot. we reminisced. we had way too much fun. i could absolutely see myself settling down having a mountaintop cottage here one day. its majestic presence and light attitude has a way of making you forget there's a world of worry. or maybe it was the asheville cocktails. either way, i am singing praises to the smokeys.

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