Tuesday, July 19

glass confetti

when amy made a shout out for guest posts while she was happily raising a beautiful baby boy, i nearly tripped over my computer cord at the opportunity. her joyfully honest and hilariously real blog, glass confetti, is among my daily stops. it is the moment in my day that allows me to dream of what life can be [wishing mine was half as stylish as hers], to hope i will be the courageous and classy mother that she is and to archive all her creative concoctions [how does she find the time?]. head over there today [and all days after that] for my musings on midwest life, but be prepared to spend an hour or two cruising her history of posts. it's brilliant. really.  
and to those of you stopping by from the other side of the street, welcome! welcome to my thoughts on life, love and learning to let go. feel free to come in and stay awhile. may you find this forum to be enlightening and entertaining, but most of all, may you feel welcome to stop by and visit again soon!

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