Wednesday, July 20

take me out to the ballgame

a long, long time ago someone in my family [most likely my mother] suggested we attempt to visit every major league ballpark in america. the task seemed daunting at the time [and still does], but we jumped on board and started making our way through twelve stadiums. it happens to be a wonderful opportunity to visit geographical landmarks that we would not have otherwise given a second thought [atlanta] and also see some great baseball along the way.
last saturday we made our way to turner field to see the braves take on the nationals. when attending games we have some clear ground rules: 1. root, root, root for the home team. even when the rangers [yuck] are playing the yankees [yea] at home. 2. always partake in park traditions like the braves' native american chant and the ever popular charge!. 3. purchase a pennant and a miniature baseball bat. it’s a good reminder of the play-by-play when we're home and reminiscing [man storming the field in a wedding dress and being tackled by security guards in atlanta or a. rod looking at third strike to lose the game in new york.]. all rules were followed, but the braves still lost the bad [boring] battle. turner field did make the top fifty percent of the ever evolving rank-the-stadiums list and we got a quick peek at atlanta. just buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, because life is always well lived at the ole ball game.

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