Tuesday, July 5

freedom and fun

please accept my most sincere apologies. i really [truly, i promise] was planning on writing while at home. but, it turned into one of those bring-your-homework-home-over-spring-break-and-not-even-crack-open-the-bookbag kind of things. time got away from me [which is a very good thing] and at the end of the day [midnight on average], i could barely lift a finger much less think [how am i ever going to raise a child?]. i hate breaking promises, forgive me?
not surprisingly, the weekend was nothing short of ah-maz-ing. there is nothing more comforting or satisfying than being at home. agree? here is the quick breakdown
: long [loooooong] drive through the midwestern countryside. i had the opportunity to be detoured about sixty miles out of my way on thursday [oh joy!], but got to see parts of iowa that i wouldn’t have otherwise experienced. i am sure you have heard about the flooding in that part of the country. it is as devastating as they are showing on the television.
: welcomed home by a hearty dinner on the table and a lot of laughter. this was followed by an evening on my grandparent's porch recalling yesteryear.
: cookout/campout extravaganza. the benders [seriously] know how to have a good time and no fun was spared this weekend.
: little trip to omaha to watch little league baseball [cutest thing i ever did see] and a visit to NFM. there is exciting news to share regarding that visit later this week. you can hold your breath for this one. it’s big.
: the rest of the weekend was spent with my family enjoying fun, freedom, fireworks and fabulous food. there were boys-vs-girls baseball games, swimming, [a few] cocktails, chasing after kiddos, and funny-enough-to-cry laughter.

but most of all, it was six packed full days of family. and there must be no greater treasure in this world. it's like these people know what i'm thinking, know what to say, know how to change my whole [crappy] attitude. sprinkle in a little food, add a dash of drinks, throw in a pinch of board/card games and that right there is the good life. a really good life.

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