Wednesday, June 29

spending hiatus: week five

change of pace this week: i actually made money instead of spending it. huh? in a spell of boredom, i cleaned out my closet and found two forever21 bags worth of clothes that i hadn't worn since moving to memphis over a year ago. adios amigos. i packed them up, said my goodbyes and prayed to the trendy gods for blessings at plato's closet. thirty-nine dollars later, i'm feeling satisfied. it's not much, but mr. piggy is looking a little bit fatter.
culprits: i found myself eating out once or twice [okay, twice] again. for no reason other than being lazy. i'm not going to feel guilty about it though. not this week.
lessons learned: you may have a few bucks hiding in your closet. or storage room. or under your bed. it is definitely worth the thirty minutes of good, ole soul searching and purging. thirty-nine dolla dolla bills!
eye on the prize: vacation one of three is upon me. i have been looking forward to going home for a very long time [since my last visit in december]. it will be worth the money to get there and the many, life sucking eight to fives under my belt.

have a fabulous weekend, friends. i'll be soaking every last bit of nebraska into my soul. the sites, the smell and the sweet summertime on the farm. check back for updates! and as always, be safe out there. xo.

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