Sunday, July 10

guiding thoughts

the wild coast. south africa.
"i wish for you an imperfect life,
and all the wonder that living can bring...
the wealth that comes from knowing loss,
the tears that find their way to laughter,
the joy that grows after the rain,
and the love, felt deepest,
by those who have been
carved by pain.
i hope that you can
value this imperfection, hold on to it,
so it gives you such comfort
that you will dare embrace the beauty
of all the imperfect lives that surround you,
and then you will be perfectly free
to step to the beat
of your own imperfect heart,
and you will have truly lived."
[j. hills]
it seems as though words [and people] come into our lives at the exact right moments and you can't help but wonder if it is a sign [big smack in the face] from the universe. this perfect combination of thoughts came to me at a time of feeling sorry for myself [i do that a lot lately. it's ugly and i need to stop.] because my life is not perfect. but, i want it to be. and everyone else's seems to be. however, it is the imperfections that make life worth living. isn't it? so may you have a perfectly imperfect week. and may you appreciate the flowers that can only come after the rain.

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