Saturday, July 9

the weekend update

today i got a glimpse of what life could be like if i had a companion in memphis. my sister and i had a fabulous day kicking up dust in the home of the blues. the farmer's market continues to deliver [are you sick of hearing about it yet?], we found a new lunch spot that is to-die-for [all local ingredients, great atmosphere, right up sis's alley], we went used bookstore diving while departing with a few new [to me] records, and finally, we enjoyed a night by the pool with grilled grub. there was a lot of laughter, a lot of only-sisters-can-be-this-weird moments, and a lot of eye rolling. it had me aching for a go-to-gal [or guy] throughout this whole living in the south journey. for now, these moments will fill my heart and be enough. but, just for now.

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