Tuesday, July 26

in case you were wondering

...i am addicted to pinterest. move over facebook. get out of the way blogger. i'm a pinning fool. it has been going on for awhile now, but only recently has it gotten severe. at first [about a month or two ago] i was really overwhelmed and felt a bit exposed. and so i visited little by little and updated little by little. staying under the radar. but, this past weekend, i returned and it was magical. and now i need to go to pinterest rehab. the pins are finally up-to-speed and i feel comfortable sharing it with the world. if you are so inclined [warning: the surgeon general says this will be bad for your health. and productivity], please go to pinterest[dot]com. you can find yours truly at ashley bender. it still needs a little work and a lot of updating, but pin... pin... pin away! may you be far less likely to spend hours [like four] staring at your computer, forgetting to eat, without any background noise... just taking in the inspiring goodness.  like whoa. i have a feeling this is gonna be a long love-hate relationship.

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