Wednesday, July 27

that kind of music just soothes the soul

dr. j has always had a passion for music [and is a vinyl fanatic]. so, by osmosis i have [sort of] gotten into it too. mainly just so that i can carry on a conversation or appear to be interested when speaking to him. but when my family gave me this vintage, portable tunes machine [ahem, record player] for my birthday, my interest shot through the roof. there's something about vinyl that makes a girl need a glass of wine and a content soul. i find myself turning to mumford and sons on record instead of the ipod for spring cleaning or pinterest addiction days. and the covers! secretly my favorite part. i wouldn't mind framing them all for a dramatic staircase wall or something of similar volume. i digress. here's to hoping the industry doesn't go completely virtual. there are some things better left in their original, white noise, bulky form. it's the way it was meant to be. it just soothes the soul. 

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