Tuesday, August 2

grandma's attic

circle A bottling company. auburn, nebraska
vintage barometer
 vintage scrabble board
old tennis racquets. used for decor and functionally.
you may remember my major life meltdown around the end of february. my family was challenged with an unfair, unpredictable fate this winter and we are still sorting through the chaos. part of that sorting comes in the physical pity of going through my grandparent's stuff. i, regretfully, had little to do with the actual pain staking process, but had the opportunity to adopt a few items to remember my incredible kin. along with the special items above i got to inherit a lot of glassware and china, a doll house, bowling trophies, an antique trumpet and a christmas tree. this stuff is a tactile representation of the holidays, the laughter, the smell, the hugs, the food, the advice, the love. all the memories. and as long as i live and hopefully raise a family of my own, i will keep these reminders in each room. i will pass them every day and smile. i will give them a glance and be thankful. i will hold them and tell my children about their incredible great-grandparents. i will cherish them and the memories. that stuff will become my greatest treasure.

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