Thursday, August 4

seasonal switch

it's hard to believe that a new season is slowly upon us with the heat index rising to one hundred and twenty-two this week. however, i am almost ready to tuck summer away with well wishes and sweet dreams only to wake up the crisp breezes of fall. it is unlikely to occur any time soon in memphis, but the lingering heat doesn't make me any less inclined to scope out some new autumn threads. here's what's catching my eye.
 big boots and bigger scarves. 
 an effortless, muted palette. 
a combination of textures.
 blazers and oversized glasses. duh.
images found here.
as the leaves start to change and the layers become a little thicker, i can't help but ache for warmth in my wardrobe. i don't claim to be a fashionista, so dear friends, tell me: what are the essentials for fall? am i way off? maybe i am, but whatever i slip into is going to be just perfect for football games, pumpkin patches, thanksgiving dinner [read: stretchable comfort] and the crisp, cool air. autumn, i'm already starting to fall for you.

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