Sunday, August 7

guiding thoughts

"the longer you wait for something, the more you'll appreciate it when you get it. cause anything worth having, is definitely worth waiting..." [unknown]
do you ever feel like you spend your whole life watching the clock? as i am anticipating the life of my dreams to become a reality, i find myself waiting. waiting for the next opportunity. waiting for the next visit. waiting for the next phone call. waiting for the next move. waiting to turn the page. in sixth grade, my religious education teacher [ccd for those catholics out there] had a sign next to the classroom clock that read: time will pass. will you? i never quite appreciated the weight of that message, but am now fulling understanding it's meaning. it seems as though i am in a race with time. seeing if i can trick my fate into surprising me with an early reality. and so i will watch the time pass. because at the end of all this waiting around, there's gonna be something worth waiting for. what that is? i guess time will tell.

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