Monday, August 8

phony photog

yesterday i took a two hour photography class [thank you groupon]. i really want to get better at this craft. i want to have an eye for beauty and to be able to capture [and subsequently share with you] this world's wonders. not to mention children, holidays, homes, and memories some day. you may remember that my saving spree is partially being dedicated to a new camera. well i haven't taken the plunge yet, but i did convince my mom to let me borrow her sweet memory machine for this class. we went over the basics... shutter speed, aperture, iso, white balance, yada yada yada. and i still don't know what the heck i'm doing. it wasn't quite as practical as i hoped it would be [see before and after examples. i like the before better.]. but, i feel a lot more comfortable with a dslr. and i am going to be more apt to turn off the auto mode and error in manual. but, it is going to take a lot of work. don't be surprised if i miss an op changing the iso to 200, shutter speed to 1/125 and f-stop to 5.6. oh f. just stop.

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