Sunday, August 21

guiding thoughts

"purpose produces passion. passion produces love. love produces change. when you love what you do, your passion can help change the world." [b. caldwell]

it was a rough weekend. i have weekends like that. when everything seems wrong. off. out of place. it is mostly self induced. i was feeling sorry for me. and not understanding why i am at this place in my life. feeling little purpose. little passion. little love. and wanting change. but [there's always a but], ironically, it's times like these that everything seems so clear: where i need want to be, who i need want to be with, and what i need want to be doing. and while that all seems to be perfectly planned, apparently this is where i need to be. what i need to be doing. perhaps to know acutely, without-a-doubt what my passion is. so that, eventually, i can help change the world.

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