Thursday, August 25

on being perfect

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friends, it is about to get painfully honest up in herre [i heart nelly]. hold on tight. today i found myself making a list [there's always a list] of things i love and i hate about myself. and my life. what? come on, a. get it together. not. healthy. but, it's like i needed to get all these swirling thoughts on to paper. so that maybe i could work more efficiently on moving the hates into the loves column. complete and utter foolish justification for the negativity in my brain. just foolish. 
webster defines perfection as the condition, state or quality of being free from all flaws or defects. of course, being perfect is a status that no one can achieve. but who wants flaws? can't we work to transform those defects into beautiful, perfect details? because we can always do better. set goals to be better. achieve to live better. or can we? i think the [social] media [ahem, pinterest... blogs... facebook...] tricks us into believing that every detail of our lives should be without blemish. that reality should be photoshopped, air brushed and staged. that when we hate our thin hair, we should get extensions. when we hate our body, we should join a gym. when we live in a modest one bedroom apartment, we should be ashamed. when we don't fit the model mold, we should change until we do. it takes a toll on our thoughts, our well-being, our happiness. and one day you find yourself making a list of the things you hate about you. this perfectly imperfect creature. it is hard [for a self-doubting, type A sapien as myself] to truly accept the im- prefix. but, isn't life too short to focus on what you want to change? 
so there. i am now taking a bow and stepping off my soapbox. i am burning my hate column. and trying to love [or at least see a little beauty in] my long list of flaws. may you also destroy your list of hates. and embrace your list of loves. because there ain't nobody perfect. and that's perfectly fine with me.

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