Tuesday, August 23

bonkers for bows

i promised a rousing back to back update on my weekend to do list. and your wish is my command. this little project came from pinterest. raise your hand if you're surprised. didn't think so. it just seemed so simple and cheap. so i had to give it a whirl. as per usual mine didn't turn out nearly as good as theirs [which is probs why they're selling theirs on etsy and i am not] but, nevertheless, it was a cinch. if you can manipulate a scissors and a hot glue gun, you're in luck. because those two skills are all the fine motor and cognitive abilities you need. sweet. i don't plan on wearing these every day. or even every once and a while. i may pull out the glam one to spice up a white vneck and skinnies. i just might pair the lace number with an oversized cardigan and boots in the fall. i could swoop my bangs back with the teal velvet one to give color to a boring workday wardrobe. maybe. but, at about one dollar a pop and ten minutes of my time, i won't mind if i just lovingly place them in my hair accessory drawer and look at them. that's the thing about DIY... it's just as fun to lust over your handmade brilliance as it is to put it into action. sweet.
oh and in case you were wondering [i just knew you were], elvis really revs up my creativity. and makes my soul smile. a pandora must if anything is going to get accomplished. simply a must.

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