Friday, September 2

are you ready for some football?

the countdown can come to an end [chris]. football season is upon us. coming from nebraska, this time of year is filled with excitement, nerves, and a lot of go-big-red. we let sixteen to nineteen year old kids dictate our weekend happiness and well-being. it is admittedly pathetic, but it's a way of life. and i'm okay with it. surprisingly, not much has changed since moving to the south [other than the SEC ruling the airwaves]. the fanatics down here are crazier than in the sea of red. srsly. and so, this weekend i will be cheering on the bulldogs [via text message], having butterflies for the baby bro [starting QB!], and evaluating the scarlet and cream. 
have a fun, fabulous, football filled labor day weekend. 

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