Sunday, September 11

guiding thoughts [red, white and blue edition]

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then join hand in hand, brave Americans all!
by uniting we stand, by dividing we fall.
[j. dickinson]
do you remember?
do you remember where you were? of course you do. second period spanish class. third row. fourth desk in.
do you remember the images? of course you do. smoke, chaos. desperation. tears.
do you remember your first thoughts? of course you do. is it true? do we know anyone in new york city? is our country in serious danger? how could this happen?
do you remember the hours, days, weeks, months following? of course you do. we stood together and waved the flag proudly. 
do you remember the desperate cries of families searching for loved ones? of course you do. thankful to be surrounded by everyone i needed. 
do you remember?
ten years later and the images, the stories still give me goosebumps. it seems like it was just yesterday that our whole world was turned upside down. ten years. today i am remembering those that gave their precious lives. i am remembering my group of girls from the summer camp i worked at in new york that lost their fathers on that fateful day. i am remembering the hard working firefighters, policemen, citizens, clergy, good samaritans that helped us heal. i am remembering this great and strong country. ten years later, i remember. and will never forget. 

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