Tuesday, September 6


in the spirit of labor day, i am here to share some projects i am working on right now. i have volunteered myself [mostly because i cannot relinquish control] to pull together and plan some celebrations, parties and camp stuff over the next couple of months. totally my idea of a good time. the first on the list was to produce a postcard to be sent to a variety of hospital staff. mostly as a reminder and not so much a formal invitation. also, i am in charge of the marketing and t-shirts for a little camp we are putting together for the kiddos at the end of october. think s'mores, hot dogs, camp songs, storytellers, tents, the works. oh my. this little mock-up is my take on a t-shirt. but, here's the rest of the story: fonts. the last three days i have been searching for and downloading a billion perfect fonts to portray a perfect message. i'm obsessed. the right typography can totally and completely change a paper product. think about it. we can spot the disney name from a mile away. and there's nothing like the coca-cola calligraphy. it's everything when it comes to products. and i happen to think it can completely change the success of an event. so here's to hoping my fonts will be judged accordingly. and that they will accurately portray our message. because by golly, that would just be fontastic.

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