Sunday, October 30

guiding thoughts [halloween edition]

when witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
'tis near halloween.
[author unknown]
all hallows' eve is upon us. i've never quite understood the meaning of this holiday or why it must be so darn spooky. scaredy pants over here has always been an avoider of the raise-the-hair-on-your-neck stuff. i once refused to go down the tunnel slide at a haunted house [not sure how C got in me in the front door in the first place] and politely asked the creepy clown pushing people down the black hole if i could walk down the fire escape instead. he rolled his eyes and guided me to the exit. it's just not for me. 
halloween should consist only of pumpkin carving, apple cider, hayrack rides, and candy bowls. who's with me here? no? darn. reason number 67,938,472,937 my children will have a boring childhood.  
okay, fine. may your halloween be filled with spooks and jumps, goblins and ghosts. boo!

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