Monday, October 31


ghosts and goblins, pumpkins too. don't get scared when i say boo! 
okay, totally lame rhyme but, happy halloween to all! i hope your day is filled with candy and costumes, tricks and treats, spooks and scares. i have been slow to get into the spirit around here, but a humongous work celebration kicked production into high gear this weekend. halloween is a big deal at the hospital. we block three hours of our day, decorate the heck out of our space and dress to the nines for the kiddos. this year my department's theme was picnic. here's my interpretation:
 cardboard box cutout + dirt and grass
see where i'm going here?
 felt blanket with red felt checkered stripes.
 picnic basket, picnic food, and creepy critters wanting a bite.
awkward photo of me in the whole get-up. 
i had a really hard time deciding what to do. a lot of my co-workers are going as food. ketchup, mustard, watermelon, fried chicken. you know. but, i wanted to challenge myself and not buy a pre-fabricated costume from target. genius, right? wrong.
the fabric are scraps from several projects, the food was on sale at the dollar spot and the basket... well... that set me back twelve big ones. add in a lot of hot glue and it was a pretty fun three hours of assembly.
do you dress up for halloween? what was your best costume of all time? mine has to be a laundry basket or a pet shop. yes, i can blame my mother for avoiding the pre-fab route. 

have a happy and spooky halloween! consume lots of sugar calories [in case you didn't know, they don't count today. for reals.]! and be safe out there!
oh and since i know you are wondering. the underside is pretty much a disaster. gravity is not my friend. ha!

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