Thursday, October 6

making magic

abracadabra. kalamazoo. i hope you like pillows, because it's all i can do!
i've been burning the midnight oil at the sewing machine again. yep, you guessed it. four straight lines. pillows. but, this time i've added in a little punch! spark! magic! enter citrasolv. 
my mom discovered the boggling powers of this citrus based cleaner on a couple of her daily blog files. apparently when you apply this stuff [what the heck is it? and apparently it is all natural.] to laser printed ink, it transfers to fabric. srsly? i had to give it a try. here's what happened.
 print images using a laser printer. make sure the images are mirrored so that they are correctly oriented when you flip them over to be transferred.
 supplies: image, citrasolv, fabric, non-porous surface, q-tips, and spoon
 place image on to fabric. dip q-tips in the citrasolv and apply to the paper. firmly press on the image with a spoon to ensure the ink has transferred.
 end product: a perfectly customized image on fabric. the possibilities are endless really. muslin bags, pillows, monograms, etc. a bit overwhelming when you let your creative mind wander.
 sewing 101: i decided to make twelve different pillow coverings [with envelope style openings] for each month and give them to my momma for her birthday [tomorrow!]. i hope that she is able to change out the covering every month, maybe think of me, and enjoy a new thirty days. each pillow has a muslin front with varying fabric in the back to coordinate with the season. this is early spring. 
[please excuse the wrinkles. these are pre-ironing].
 early summer
 hmmm... december, perhaps?
september and november styled.
i've become a believer in the magical chemistry of citrasolv. so who wants a personalized pillow? because it is all i can make. four straight lines and some elbow grease. place your orders now.