Monday, October 10

mini makeover

i can't put my finger on it, but something seems different. oh wait. everything is different. sort of. i've been wanting to update the look and feel of this little blog for quite some time. but, a few of my favorite daily reads finally pushed me over the edge and i spent four straight hours on saturday trial and erroring. welcome the finished product. still a work in progress, but more accurately portrays my current state of being. here are a few notes about the new look:
for some reason i am seriously attracted to neutrals right now. and because i can't stray from my red roots, the color scheme is off white oatmeal with a pop of punch.
the pages have been updated, but are the generally the same. check em out!
i still haven't figured out how to make comments visible on the main page, but you can still click on the post title and be directed to make your comment. i have now allowed anyone to have access to commenting so you shouldn't need a Google account to drop a line!

i hope that you enjoy it, dear readers. please, please, please comment with suggestions and criticism. your thoughts are always welcomed, cherished and taken seriously. 
here's to the new era of a is for. cheers!
and as always...

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  1. i always wondered how to comment on your page. (: good to know! also, i love the new look/feel to your blog.