Thursday, October 27

sister act

it's more than just sharing the same DNA. it's more than just grade school fights and inside jokes. it's more than friendship and laughter and eye rolling. it's a bond unlike anything else. and i miss it. 
being a sister is something that i have taken for granted. and yet, i define it as one of my most important roles in life. being an oldest sister especially, i feel a deep connection and responsibility to these two other human beings. they are two of my best friends. they understand me. they know how to push my buttons. they can make me laugh. they've called me their second mom on more than one occasion. i have no doubt i annoy them to no end. they've [hopefully] learned from my long list of mistakes. they are two of the most special people i've ever had the opportunity to encounter. they're wonderfully perfect.
i miss them.
i want so badly to watch my brother rock the football field at QB [good luck today!]. i want so badly to be have girls' night out and evening walks with my sister. i want so badly to be there and not miss out on any second of their lives.
but, i suppose this all comes with growing up. one day we will have our own families and distance will be stretched even further. but, for right now, i'm not sure i want to give up this bond. this relationship. this love. it's special. and i miss it.


  1. I MISS YOU TOO! cannot wait until you come home! love you.

    ... did you have to pick the picture that my face looks disgustingly fat in?! :// it's okay i still love you.

  2. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! i didn't think you would mind if i used these pictures! love you and miss you SO MUCH. cannot wait to be hooooome.
    also, i want to be able to comment on everything is lekker again. hearting RSA with you! if you volunteer there i will FO SO be visiting you. xo