Wednesday, October 26

southern comfort

did you know that a roast costs nearly seventeen dollars? coming from a land where beef is king and corn is queen, i was outraged and nearly died of sticker shock at the meat counter. didn't the butcher know that my mom gets her beef butt from her farmer brother-in-law and i get it from her which in turn makes it... free? outraged i tell you.
in case you didn't know, i have been missing the comforts of home, the midwest, lately. and nothing is more home-on-the-range than a plate of meat and potatoes. so when i was feeling especially sorry for myself this weekend, these were the first two items in my grocery buggy [can you imagine that buggy is what they say when referring to a cart or basket? these southerners just truly make me wonder.]
one: a tush worth the price of gold.
 plus two: lots and lots of hearty vegetables.
 equals three: comfort in a bowl. 
although it is nothing compared to sunday dinner around grandma's table or dare i say it, grabbing a chunk of homegrown beef from my parent's freezer for [gasp] free, it is warming my heart on these cold southern nights. what's your go-to meal when you need a reminder of home? for me, it's definitely the stick-to-your-ribs-stuff. but, without the laughter and familiarity of that round kitchen table, something will always be missing. and it's not the salt.

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