Tuesday, October 25

totally rad

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who would have thought that neon would make a comeback? what goes around comes around, eh? thankfully, stone washed jeans and aqua net are not associated this time. instead, it's that beautiful, always applicable... neutral. i haven't pulled the trigger on this trend, but it's not something that i will totally overlook. even if it is a just bright accessory here or there, neon is looking pretty neat these days. it's like, totally gnarly man. 


  1. I love it with khaki. But I agree, it's a little daunting to put on your body without feeling like your dressing for an 80's flashback party...

    A brite poppy red/pink and khaki or a limey/yellow and gray (mixed with some gold accessories!) are my favorites.


  2. i couldn't agree more! it's a scary trend, but i'm gonna get it a go. loving the poppy and khaki idea!
    xo a