Wednesday, November 30

and to all a good night

i'm back with christmas crap again. my most sincere apologies. it's consuming my thoughts and eating my time. think of these daily duds as a dear diary, memory making activity for me. and you're just the poor schmuck that has to smile and nod. 
and in my most pathetic begging tone: will you hang around for another couple of days? because there's more where that came from. please and thank you.
now right this way to my bedroom. 
each door in my home has a word hanging from the knob. 
all of them are glittered. 
shiny stuff + inspiring words = one happy gal.
bookshelf rearranging and additions.
i already owned [and displayed] these box frames. they previously acted as a home to some vintage postcards, but in order to style up the season, i added holiday text. simple and cheap.
since ornaments seemed to be making a big appearance everywhere else, i lovingly placed these bulbs i purchased in china to be displayed on my dresser. the memories are fond and the colors are divine. sign me up for a daily glance.
right this way to the bath. 
we have a lot of rustic/vintage and glitter going on in here. the blingy birds are a sweet surprise every morning and the branches bring a sense of warmth to an otherwise cold, cookie cutter apartment bathroom.
add in some more shiny bulbs and christmas berries and you have yourself a bath that isn't quite as boring. not that a bathroom needs to be overly exciting, but you catch what i'm throwin out.
all of these items [except the fifty cent birds] i already owned and simply repurposed. isn't that the magic of seasonal decor. a few switcheroos and you feel like you're living in a whole new world. from a weeks worth of posts, i bet you can tell: i'm diggin it.
november thirtieth: the month of november. in two thousand and eleven. it has been a magnificent month. a voyage to the northeast. a long weekend at home. embracing my beau more than ever in thirty days. laughing with my family. eating awesome food. preparing for the holidays. the beginning of some really big and really good changes. it's been a month overflowing with blessings. thank you.

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