Tuesday, November 29

oh tannenbaum

have i told you how much i love christmas? and decorating? and getting into the spirit of the holidays? it just brings so much joy to my soul and i would predict that on some level it does the same for you. right?
after a weekend of assisting in the decorating department at the farm, i was ready to put the finishing touches on my own little abode. and what better way to cap it all off than the tree. here's what happened.
i've never had a full sized tree to call my own. always a four-five footer. last year my a.p.t. was sans t.r.e.e. and the whole season just didn't quite feel right. so after the holidays, i went on a splurge for ornaments at target, pottery barn and hobby lobby [most of which were at least 75 percent off. score.]. when i opened up the tote filled to the brim with bling, it was like christmas all over again [pun intended]. thankfully, i was as happy with my purchases today as i was a year ago [i can sometimes be fickle like that]. 
one [of many] trick that my momma has taught us when decorating the tree is to embellish as you go. for example, place lights on every layer of branches [that is if you have a fake tree. which in my humble opinion is the only way to go. safe those trees, peeps!]. furthermore, place light reflecting bulbs on each of the branches in the middle to make the tree appear more full and shiny. perhaps this is common knowledge, but i had no idea. and it truly does make a difference.
finished product. sort of. it is nearly impossible to take a photo of a tree and do it justice. but you catch my drift. i "inherited" this tree from my grandparents and upon opening the tote, opened up a lifetime of memories. enter complete and utter sob fest. but, a welcomed trip down memory lane no less. 
a few details.
continuing the theme of vintage glam
most of the ornaments have an antique feel with a lot of glitz glitter.
give love.
give peace.
happy holidays.
what are your tree traditions? at the farm, my dad and i "fluff" the branches while my brother and sister prepare the ornaments. christmas music is blaring in the background and the mood is typically jovial. i can't anticipate what my own family's tradition will be, but there will be love. and peace. and a lot of glitter.
november twenty-nineth: the men in my life. you know who you are. you're strong. and kind. and committed. and hilarious. and smart. and loving. i am so blessed you're mine.

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  1. Gorgeous! OMGG, Gor.GEO.US!! I am sure Grandma is LOVING it!