Monday, November 28


and it goes a little somethin like this.
 husker basketball game with my man, his family and my sibs. 
against oregon. dana got the best of nebraska again. dang.
 cute kiddos.
not pictured are other really, really cute kiddos that were just too on-the-go to capture on film!
 carbs and sugar for breakfast. homemade, no less.
 decking the halls.
fa la la la la.
the weekend was incredible. and a wonderful reminder of all the blessings in my life. still frame could never, ever do it justice. just let me tell you this: it was very hard to drive thirteen hours and immerse myself back into reality. but, that's what growing up is all about. appreciating the solid ground, yet trying to fly. right?
november twenty-eighth: a little place to call my own. as much as i yearn for a three bedroom charmer [to decorate!], i love this home. it holds this season of my life, this adventure, this struggle, this joy.

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