Sunday, November 27

guiding thoughts [thanksgiving edition]

the chalkboard that welcomes us into our farmhouse. 
perfect penmanship by my momma.

"thank you for the little things
that often come our way,
the things we take for granted
but don't mention when we pray;
the unexpected courtesy,
the thoughtful, kindly deed,
a hand reached out to help us
in the time of sudden need - 
oh make us more aware
of little daily graces
that come to us with 'sweet surprise'
from never dreamed of places.

may your heart be heavy with gratitude and love this week. 
and most simply, be thankful.
november twenty-fourth: my family. oh wait, have i already mentioned them this month? it doesn't matter. they are without a doubt the most wonderful beings on earth. 
november twenty-fifth: our little farm and cozy piece of the world. its warmth and spirit can make anyone feel at home.
november twenty-sixth: laughter.
november twenty-seventh: a safe and uneventful drive back to memphis.

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