Wednesday, November 23

bulbs that bling

when i spotted several packages of old christmas bulbs at my always reliable goodwill last year, i knew there had to be something i could do with them. what that was, i didn't know. but, you just can't pass by a bucket of balls for a buck and not pick them up. or is that just me? i actually attempted this very same project last year [minus the bling], but it fell apart. so here's round two.
 supplies: foam wreath, sequins on elastic, old/cheap christmas bulbs
 wrap foam wreath with sequins or fabric or paper or any other pretty material.
[i realize at this point it is looking like a bad mardi gras decoration. stay with me here.]
 glue your little heart out. 
[i may or may not have gone through an entire bag of glue sticks.]
 mix and match bulbs. layer, layer, layer. step back and make sure everything is even steven. hold your breath and hope they are all securely fastened.
look to the left.
look to the right.
let out a sigh of relief.
last year i didn't think to wrap the foam wreath in fabric. and i hung it on my outside door. it was equally as charming, but the hot glue didn't much like the cold southern winter. now it lives on my pantry door. which [unfortunately] gets a lot of open/close reps. if it becomes too high traffic for this little beauty, i'll have to move it. or better yet, make the pantry utilized less. and fight the holiday bulge! brilliant!
and that, my friends is a wrap. pillows, glitter, and glue. all to bring a little vintage glam to this holiday season. now i need to put it all together and make some sense of this madness. help?
november twenty-third: you, my dear readers. thank you for continually stopping by this little piece of the world wide web. thank you for encouraging me to use my time wisely. thank you for letting me rant and rage. thank you for listening. supporting. loving. you're the best! xo

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