Monday, November 21

peace. love. joy.

yes, i know thanksgiving is not until thursday and you really aren't supposed to think about christmas decorating until friday. but, i leave for home tomorrow morning and won't have a good opportunity to deck the halls until next weekend. and that's just not gonna work for me. how's that for justification? i still love you thanksgiving, i'm just not in love with you at the moment. christmas has stolen the show. and so, why not start with a project? here's what happened.
plaid turtleneck shirts, large knit sweater, gray thermal
purchased at goodwill for a total of $8.99
since i don't own a printer [mainly because i wouldn't have anywhere to put it], i traced the letters directly off of my computer. 
think of it as a redneck lightbox. worked brilliantly if i do say so myself.
iron sticky backing to fabric for letters. i either used the sleeves of the shirts or fabric scraps. carefully cut out each of the letters [definitely the worst part of the whole project because it's nearly impossible to make them look perfect.].
cut the shirts to pillow size and iron on the letters.
sew into pillows.
stuff and enjoy.
this was the first of many steps taken to replace the everyday with the holiday. and if you don't mind, i would love to share all my switcheroos along the way. anyone else excited to welcome in the christmas season? pandora has been blasting bing crosby all weekend long here. am i the only one jumping the gun? someone make me feel better please.
november twenty-first: the anticipation of going home and seeing my family after five long months. distance has a way of making the heart swell with pride, longing and love. 

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