Tuesday, November 22

jersey shore christmas

round two of christmas projects. warning: you guys are gonna get sick of hearing about this. please, someone, just stop me when it gets annoying. 
i've decided that my theme for the holidays is going to be vintage glam. [you know i am always a sucker for yesteryear. and the way i am attracted to shiny things these days, you would think i'm from jersey or something.] while i wouldn't typically decorate with this combination, i felt this time of year was the perfect opportunity to slip out of my comfort zone. here's how i'm getting in the mood.
 dollar tree deer. one GW a piece.
 dollar tree creepy birds. one dolla for two.
tree branches from my apartment complex. 
this isn't stealing, right? i was simply cleaning up the place.
enter jersey shore. 
 glam deer family.
 glitzy singing bird.
 sparkling branches. that will not be living on my kitchen counter. for some reason the light in here is better than in the living room.
to make these mundane objects shine a little brighter i just covered them in mod podge and doused them in glitter. i let them dry overnight and then lovingly placed them in a home that allows the light to bounce, bounce, bounce [although hard to capture on camera]. 
do you switch themes every christmas? i anticipate that the core of my decor will remain unchanged year to year. but, hopefully i can keep things fresh with an unexpected twist or turn. and, for now, that's the situation.
november twenty-second: a mom that knows how to make everything special. and beautiful. and fun. while decorating this weekend, i wished on several occasions that she [and my sister. and dad/brother for comic relief] was here to help. she just... rocks.
if you're reading this after eight am on tuesday morning, i am on the road to the north. but, check in tomorrow for one last project. the thanksgiving holiday break is upon us. yahoo!

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